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Services We Offer Include

Complete services to assist in the purchase or sale of a health care practice. Programs exist to provide fair and equitable transactions. Following a determination of needs process for the prospective client, we confidentially and professionally locate appropriate practice opportunities to meet the needs of both purchaser and seller.

In addition to locating the complementary party to our buyer or seller clients, we assist in the arrangements for financing, provide detailed, fair, and equitable agreements for our clients’ use, as well as their attorneys and accountants, and offer basic practice management systems to ensure a smooth transition.

Information and services related to the merger of two or more health care related practices. This process can increase profits in a practice by between 25-60 percent. The concept promotes the investment by a dentist in that which we have the most knowledge – dentistry! Why risk your economic future and security by investments in the unknowns of the stock market?

A thorough market value analysis determination based on an economic profile of the practice including the following factors: location, facility, equipment and assets, practice maturity, experience of staff, total receipts, net profitability, management systems, composition of patients (fee for service, PPO, HMO, etc.), potential growth patterns, referred procedures, and other similar factors. Equally important to the total value of the practice will be allocations of the value – for purposes of tax considerations.

A unique program designed to allow an existing practice to reach its full income potential by maximizing the use of the existing facility. This arrangement provides an excellent opportunity for young practitioners to minimize their risks of entry into an equity position in the practice while maximizing their economic return. In essence, a young doctor achieves equity in a practice rather than serving merely as a hired gun associate.

Our history of successful practice transitions allows us to recommend the most comprehensive and fair business arrangements between two or more parties. Using creativity and ingenuity, we are able to create truly unique and beneficial benefits for all involved. The use of Deferred Compensation for existing shareholders and Pre-Tax Dollars for the Purchaser creates economic benefits and security for all involved.

An opportunity for dentists to explore the possibility to transition to a new career or profession. When planned properly, such a transition can be accomplished with minimal stress and financial interruption as the dentist decreases or entirely eliminates the clinical practice of dentistry.

A process to allow uninterrupted income flow during the transition of one geographic location to another geographic location. Through our national network and affiliation with the National Association of Practice Brokers (https://www.dentalpracticebroker.org), we are able to work closely with fellow practice transition consultants literally anywhere in the United States.

In addition, it is sometimes possible to defer federal income taxes though the use of a 1031 Exchange when certain IRS guidelines are followed.

Limited evaluation of your federal income tax structures, profit and loss statements, and pertinent financial data. With proper planning, significant dollar amounts can be saved through creative structuring of your business entities. Professional corporations, equipment LLCs, and real estate LLCs are among the issues evaluated.

A well thought out process can allow you the economic and emotional security for which you have worked so long and so hard for. This program creates an opportunity for you to reduce the clinical and administrative responsibilities of your practice, maintain similar levels of professional income, and use the equivalent of pre-tax dollars to fund your retirement program.

With combined experience of over 60 years in the field of practice transitions, our consultants have created important relationships with other professionals in the field. Any practice transition is likely to necessitate the use of skilled attorneys, accountants, financial lenders, financial planners, management personnel, etc. We have established close working ties with trusted experts in all of these areas as well as professionals in marketing, dental equipment and supplies, real estate, etc.

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