Your Consultation – Planning Your Future

Legacy Practice Transitions, Inc is a consulting firm specializing in assisting new and established health-care practitioners during various “transitional stages” in their careers. The term “transitional” applies to professionals embarking on a new career and those considering career and/or practice changes.

The health-care industry itself is currently undergoing tremendous change. PPO’s, HMO’s, insurance clinics and capitation programs are altering the traditional health-care delivery system, requiring private practitioners to consider all options in order to assure themselves of a position in the future marketplace.

The purpose of a consultation is to help our clients better understand themselves, their options, and develop a plan that will help them realize their immediate and long-term goals. The consultation will prove to be an interesting and informative learning experience that will enable you to better analyze and identify real opportunities and avoid those that are not.

In order for us to assist you, we need to determine your needs, analyze and plan, and implement that plan. Our comprehensive approach involves the following steps:

DETERMINATION OF NEEDS: We receive calls from many professionals inquiring about adding an associate, selling or buying a practice or opening a satellite office, etc. This reflects a desire for change. Before we begin working on a project that may or may not best serve your needs, we prefer that you first complete a Personal Needs Analysis. This helps to determine whether your plans should include adding an associate, a career change, selling or buying a practice, practice or geographic relocation, pre-sale merger, pre-retirement planning,

financial and tax planning or a com-bination of these programs. In order to accomplish this, we must first have a good working knowledge and understanding of you and your needs.

CONSULTATION: The next step is to arrange for a consultation in our office to discuss the results from the P.N.A. and plan a strategy for achieving your goals. The consultation will allow you the opportunity to explore many unique programs designed and developed by Legacy Practice Transitions to help professionals attain their goals. The consultation also serves to prevent you from needlessly spending money in pursuit of the wrong course of action. In addition, we will discuss the following:

• Your personal goals and needs.
• Your present and future practice options.
• How to evaluate areas for future growth through mergers.
• Tax considerations for the present and future.
• Important guidelines and considerations for purchasing a practice, buying into a practice, or selling a practice.
• Considerations for equity associateships/partnerships.

PRACTICE ANALYSIS AND PLANNING: If you currently own a practice, then, the next step involves an analysis and appraisal of your practice. This will include a review of your office facility, practice income and expenses, geographic considerations and merger potential. This will require completion of a practice Profile. Knowing the market and investment value of your practice can play a decisive role in the decision making process involved in planning your future.


comprehensive analysis and planning stages have been completed and a program selected, the next step is to implement and carry out that plan. We maintain the most current, complete computerized data base of professional opportunities available anywhere. Our professionally trained staff provides the most confidential, professional approach to screening appropriate candidates and following through with your plan.

By utilizing this analysis process, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have explored all your options and have selected the best possible program which will provide for a far better future for you and your family.

We have the most extensive, exclusive, confidential data base of unique practice opportunities which enables us to locate the most promising prospects for our clients. The opportunities we have to offer can be found through no other source.

Our responsibility to maintain confidentiality for our clients requires us, in advance, to determine each of our clients needs and evaluate their personalities and long-term goals for compatibility before we arrange for potential candidates to meet and begin formulating a program for their future.

Confidentiality, Professionalism, and Integrity: these words represent our approach for providing this very necessary service. It is an important investment in your future which will pay dividends for many years to come.

Call us to arrange for your consultation. We look forward to being of service to you.