Our Process


A confidential personal meeting with one of our consultants will help you determine your economic and emotional personal needs. We will also help you determine your practice related needs from both economic and managerial perspectives.


Proprietary tools such as the LEGACY Needs Analysis and LEGACY Practice Profile assist us in understanding the opportunity presented or sought, and allow us to evaluate the various options available to achieve your goals.


With your needs and goals now clearly defined, our consultants will make sound recommendations with custom-tailored transition and management related programs to provide the groundwork for you to begin the transition.


Perhaps most important of all, our consultants will assist in and direct the implementation of the appropriate programs. By working closely with you and other advisors such as attorneys, accountants, and financial planners, we will help you pursue your “Quality of Life” goals.


Our Services Include Providing Clients:

Practice Transitions

Complete services to assist in the purchase or sale of a health care practice.

Practice Mergers

Information and services related to the merger of two or more health care related practices.

Practice Evaluation

A thorough market value analysis determination based on an economic profile of the practice.

Earned Equity Acquisition Programs

A unique program designed to allow an existing practice to reach its full income potential.


Helping You Achieve the Best Possible Dental Practice Transition as a Buyer or Seller

With over 100 years in the fields of dentistry, practice transitions, consulting, and financial planning, Legacy Practice Transitions is devoted to helping you.


Words From Our Clients

Erin and her team at Legacy put together some very in depth contracts in a quick time frame, and at a reasonable cost. I feel confident that I made a good choice in choosing Legacy Practice Transitions.

Dan Massie D.M.D.
I have been supremely satisfied with Legacy Practice Transitions and Erin Mercer. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to all my colleagues.
Dr. Mike Radetic
I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to your dedication and commitment. I could not have chosen a better person. Your nurturing qualities were evident at every step in this process and your utmost professionalism set you apart from the very beginning.
I can’t help but recall the words of my attorney when he stated that the contracts developed by Legacy were the most complete he had ever seen. That made the actual legal aspect of the sale much easier because we didn’t have attorneys billing their time as they “battled it out” over contractual wording.
Mark A. Lewis, D.D.S.
The best decision I made was not the practice I chose, but my choice in “practice brokers”.
Harold B. Smith
I was most impressed with your willingness to evaluate my practice concerning my philosophy of dental treatment and patient care and to find a replacement for me who had similar interests and philosophy. For that reason alone, the transition has been amazingly smooth.
Tom Allen
Ron helped me to find a buyer with a similar philosophy and work ethic. Although it has been a very difficult decision to leave my practice, Dr Prokes has done all that he personally could do to make the transition a smooth one for me, my staff, and most importantly, my patients.

I can truly say that I very highly recommend Dr Prokes and Legacy Practice Transitions!

Dr CC.

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