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Buying or selling, streamline your dental practice transition with guided services from Legacy Practice Transitions.

We Partner with Dentists During Every Stage of Your Career to Achieve Your Goals

Dental practice transitions are a highly specialized niche industry.  Legacy Practice Transitions has over 30 years of experience helping general and specialty dentists transition their dental practices, form partnerships, hire associates, merge offices, and acquire additional locations. As the DSOs have changed the dental landscape, so have we modified our scope and services to include helping our clients navigate this space. Our services are custom tailored to each client and their specific needs. Legacy’s mission is to utilize our experience and guide you through the transition process so you can achieve your goals! 

Whether you’re looking to step into ownership, expand through mergers or satellite locations, or transition into retirement, Legacy Practice Transitions helps doctors across the country accomplish their goals. Our educational and consultative approach allows you to make an informed decision to attain your goals today and sets you on a path to reach your dreams in the future. 

Our team helps you realize your vision while aligning you with like-minded colleagues and industry-specific partners. When working with Legacy Practice Transitions, we implement proven systems and processes that yield successful results. Our consultants understand the intricacies of each transition and are prepared to offer custom transition solutions

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Trust Us For Buying & Selling Dental Practices

If you are a younger dentist eager to buy a practice or an experienced dentist transitioning into retirement, we can help you achieve your dreams. Unlike a traditional dental practice broker (who basically merely exchange data between buyers and sellers hoping some will match), our consultants identify and understand the needs of all parties to build trust and confidence in our transition strategy. This results in a successful closing rate of over 90% once parties are introduced based on complementary needs. Our process keeps your needs and the success of the transition at the forefront, which results in a WIN/WIN scenario for all parties. Whether you’re looking to sell your dental practice or thinking about buying a dental practice talk with Legacy Practice Transitions to discover a better practice transition approach.

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Transitions Process

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Legacy Protection Plan Keeps You Up To Date On The Valuation of Your Dental Practice

Legacy Protection Plan allows dental practice owners to continually know the current fair market value of their practice. Staying informed regarding the value of your largest assets is critical for financial planning and wealth accumulation. The Legacy Protection Plan was developed for planned and unplanned life events over 30 years ago and is still unique to the dental industry today. Protecting the value of one of your largest assets is not something to leave to chance. Your Legacy consultant can help you enroll in the LPP and immediately begin uncovering all the benefits this practice valuation program has to offer. Career opportunities, unexpected life events, and market conditions may surprise many practice owners. Keep a pulse on your practice’s value so you will know how to respond to changes. Whether you are forecasting the appropriate time to sell, or you just need peace of mind for unplanned events, our Legacy Protection Plan is a valuation of your practice that is updated annually for no additional cost. Your consultants (accountants, financial planners, etc.) will also greatly appreciate it. We understand that your practice, your career path, and your transition timeline are unique to you. Our Legacy Protection Plan will give you confidence that you’ve proactively planned to help retain maximum value for your dental practice, one of your largest assets.

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Complimentary Consultation

Legacy Practice Transitions can assist you with a range of beneficial services that you’ll need throughout the life of your dental career. With over 30 years as a company and over 250 years cumulative years of respective consultants of industry experience, we can design a custom transition plan for the next chapter of your career. Our consultative approach and focused education allow you to make an informed decision to reach your career goals. Call today and speak with your local Legacy practice consultant.