Dental Practice Transition Consultants

Legacy Practice Transitions is a specialized consulting firm that assists dentists in all aspects of purchasing a dental office or transitioning a practice. We have developed custom programs to guide our clients during every stage of their careers. Legacy Practice Transitions has successfully implemented our consultative “needs-based” philosophy for over 30 years.  As a trusted practice transition specialist group, you can rely on our expertise as you consider the next phase in your dental career.

Needs Determination & Consultation

Our process begins by identifying, establishing, and understanding your needs and goals. We conduct a Personal Needs Analysis to help determine what steps should be taken to create a custom practice transition plan

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Our confidential consultations will allow you the opportunity to explore many unique programs designed and developed by Legacy Practice Transitions. In addition to discussing your needs and goals during our consultation, we may discuss:

The primary focus of our Needs Determination and Consultation stage is to gain insight into your personal, professional, financial, emotional, and managerial needs and goals.  As dental practice consultants, we must have a good working knowledge and a deep understanding of your needs to best serve you.

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Dental Practice Analysis & Planning

If you currently own a practice, then the next step involves the analysis and evaluation of your dental practice. Legacy Practice Transitions uses a proprietary system to conduct a practice evaluation that establishes a fair market value. Knowing the market and investment value of your practice can play a decisive role in the decision-making process involved in planning your future.


Once the comprehensive practice evaluation is complete, planning stages are finalized, and the desired course of action is selected, the next step is implementation.  Legacy Practice Transitions maintains a vast network of industry partners, professional contacts, and dental professionals who complement our transition process and help dentists achieve their goals. We have the resources and tools to ensure that our transition strategy is a smooth and successful one. 

There are two distinct parts of the implementation process. The first phase of the implementation is locating potential buyers whose needs are met by your opportunity. The second phase, where Legacy’s Practice philosophy is evident, is achieving a WIN/WIN transition for both the buyer and seller. When we’re brokering dental practice transitions, we strive to preserve and protect the goodwill of your practice through early alignment of expectations, fair and equitable agreements, and limited, if any, negotiations.  Our consultants will work closely with your advisors so that together we can help you pursue your “Quality of Life” goals.

Partner With Legacy Practice Transitions To Meet The Goals of Your Dental Practice

Throughout the country, dentists, just like you, have worked with Legacy Practice Transitions and have helped facilitate the dental transition process to make growth, relocation, and retirement possible. Now it’s your turn. Contact Legacy Practice Transitions today to get started on the next steps of your dental practice’s journey.