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How Legacy Practice Transitions Is Different

Legacy Practice Transitions is a long-established dental transition company that believes in fair and equitable transitions based upon complementary needs between buyers and sellers. Through the use of a comprehensive consultative approach, we have assisted hundreds of dentists nationwide to successfully address and meet their personal, financial, and emotional needs and goals. We are a team of consultants with a variety of skill sets, backgrounds, and professional experiences, all united by the goal of placing the needs of dental clients ahead of all other considerations. Our consultants, take pride in the educational and advisory approach on which Legacy was founded. It’s clear from our history of successful dental practice transitions that our needs-based transitions philosophy is an effective strategy. Every Legacy Practice consultant fully commits to our time-tested process of consultation, analysis, planning, and implementation.

Achieve the Best Dental Practice Transition

Legacy Practice Transitions has built an incredible team of consultants dedicated to looking out for the interests of dentists and empowering doctors with information to make the best decision possible based on their individual needs. Not only are you a clinician, but you’re also a business owner. As such, you will often be confronted with complex decisions throughout your career. Legacy Practice Transitions has the resources, referrals, and programs to successfully navigate you through the complexities associated with practice transitions, whether as a buyer, seller, or “partner”, all with the goal of a fair and non-adversarial transition.

Education is Key

Our blog is full of useful information, powerful insights, and profound thought leadership written by former dentists and dental transition experts. Our colleagues and team of experienced professionals share their insights and knowledge so that other dentists can learn through their experiences. The dental transitions industry is a very specific space. Reading articles and gathering knowledge from other like-minded professionals is invaluable. Find a topic of interest and uncover a nugget of useful information in our blog.

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Our team members are located throughout the country and provide local and national services. Contact us today to begin a conversation focused on your needs and the best path forward.