Legacy at the March Isaac Knapp Meeting

Dr. Joe Massa attended the Isaac Knapp meeting on March 9 in Fort Wayne, IN to answer questions regarding dental transition structures, mergers, and evaluations. While at the meeting, Dr. Tom Dunn of Portland, IN entered and won a complimentary practice evaluation! Congratulations Dr. Dunn from the entire Legacy Practice Transitions team!! If you are […]

Your Consultation – Planning Your Future

Legacy Practice Transitions, Inc is a consulting firm specializing in assisting new and established health-care practitioners during various “transitional stages” in their careers. The term “transitional” applies to professionals embarking on a new career and those considering career and/or practice changes. The health-care industry itself is currently undergoing tremendous change. PPO’s, HMO’s, insurance clinics and […]

Purchase Vs. Startup

Starting a new practice is an extremely risky venture as a result of increased competition and an unpredictable economy. A doctor would be wise to consider purchasing an existing practice instead of starting a new one. It makes sense to acquire the “good will” of a doctor already established in the community. Being introduced to […]

Selling Your Practice (Do’s and Don’ts)

When selling your practice, there are certain things you should and should not do in preparing for the sale of your practice. We will address several important considerations for your review. Please do not hesitate to call your Legacy Practice Transitions analyst if you have any questions or are in doubt as to how to […]

Funding Your Pension Plan With The Sale Of Your Practice

You’ve done it. You’ve built a successful practice, you own a big house and drive a nice car. You’ve raised your kids and provided them with a good education. You are probably in your mid-to-late forties or early fifties. You’ve climbed the proverbial mountain and you have slain all the dragons you ever care to. […]