26 2021

Closed in Clarksville!


Just Closed!! Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Harper of Clarksville, In. (right) and Dr. Joe Massa (left) of Legacy Practice Transitions. As former IUSD classmates of 1983, it was truly an awesome experience to assist in Dr. Harper's transition process. Good luck to Kevin and his wife Nancy as they venture into the next phase of their life!!

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17 2020

Successful Closing in Brazil, IN!


Congratulations to Dr. Gary Staadt on transitioning his practice in Brazil, Indiana to Dr. Trent Campbell. Blake Ring had the pleasure of working with both doctors and completing a successful transition. The entire team at Legacy Practice Transitions wishes Dr. Staadt an adventure filled retirement!

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13 2020

Congrats in Granger, IN!


We would like to congratulate Dr. Bruce Benifiel and Dr. Jeffrey Mader on their recent transition in Granger, Indiana. Nathan Courtney had the opportunity and pleasure to work with the doctors on completing a successful transition. The team at Legacy Practice Transitions wishes both doctors much success as they begin their journey working together!

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23 2020

Recent Terre Haute closing…. and they said it couldn’t be done!!


Congratulations to Dr. Pat Clark (center) who recently transitioned her endodontic practice to Dr. Zane Lambert (right). I (Dr. Joe Massa on left) had a great time in providing the guidance necessary to bring both parties together and end with a true WIN – WIN!! I truly wish Pat a fulfilling and well-deserved retirement. Enjoy that new grandbaby!! And to [...]

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22 2020

Successful Transition in Central Indiana


Recent closing!! Congratulations to Dr. John Blazic who recently transitioned his practice to Skip Cheesman and Associates. Pictured left to right are Dr. Skip Cheesman, Dr. John Blazic, Dr. Brittany Everett, and Dr. Geoffrey Seidl. It was a true pleasure working with all parties to arrive at a smooth and equitable transition. Thank you for your trust in me!! Dr. [...]

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2 2019

Successful Transition in Fishers, IN!


Congratulations to Dr. Lisbeth Randall on the successful transition of her dental practice to Dr. Sung Kong. Nathan Courtney had the privilege of guiding them through the transition process that achieved the goals of both parties.  We wish Dr. Randall and Dr. Kong much success as they continue providing care for their patients together.  Congratulations from the entire Legacy Practice [...]

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19 2019

Congratulations in Corbin!


Congratulations!! Dr. Gary Combs transitioned his practice in Corbin, Kentucky to Dr. Travis Coleman. Joe Massa DDS and Sherry Foster had the privilege of working with Drs. Combs and Coleman throughout the entire process. The entire Legacy Practice Transitions team wishes both doctors continued success and happiness!

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20 2019

Multi Practice Closing in Indiana


Congratulations to Dr. Hunter Smith (far left) and Dr. Will Little (left) who recently acquired 3 practices owned by Jeff Hutter (far right) and Dr. Angela DeHaven (right). Legacy analyst,  Dr. Joe Massa (center) led the transition acquisition. We wish all of you much success moving forward and thank you for your assistance and patience during this involved process.

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2 2019

5 2019

Successful Pediatric Practice Transition in Muncie, IN


Congratulations to Dr. Jaime Lemna in Muncie, IN on the sale of his pediatric practice.  Dr. Lemna will continue to provide care to his patients while preparing for full retirement in the future.  Blake Ring had the pleasure of working with Dr. Lemna during the transition process.  Blake and the entire Legacy Practice Transitions team wish Dr. Lemna the best [...]

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