How to Sell Your Dental Practice: A Strategic Approach with Legacy Practice Transitions

Two business professionals signing documents to finalize the sale of a dental practice, symbolizing a successful transition facilitated by Legacy Practice Transitions.

When the time comes to sell your dental practice, the journey involves much more than just finding a buyer and closing the deal. At Legacy Practice Transitions, we understand that selling your practice is a monumental decision that encompasses your life’s work, your staff’s future, and your patients’ care. Our approach, refined over 30 years, ensures that your legacy is honored, and your professional and personal goals are achieved.

Understanding the Value of Your Dental Practice

The first step in selling your dental practice is understanding its value. At Legacy, we don’t just look at the numbers; we consider the years of dedication, the developed patient relationships, and your community impact. Our detailed valuation process considers tangible and intangible assets, demographics, practice history, and financial data. This comprehensive evaluation reflects not just the financial health of your practice but its true legacy.

Preparing for Sale

Preparation is crucial and should begin well before you plan to sell. Our Legacy Protection Plan is a unique service that keeps you informed about the fair market value of your practice annually, allowing you to plan effectively for both expected and unexpected life events. By understanding the value of your practice continuously, you can choose the optimal time to sell, ensuring that you meet your financial and professional goals.

Custom Transition Strategies

Every dentist’s situation is unique, and so is every transition strategy we develop. Whether you’re considering a traditional sale, merging with another practice, or even transitioning to a DSO, Legacy Practice Transitions offers tailored solutions. Our Pre-Sale Program, for instance, is designed for dentists who wish to retire but still want or need some clinical income. This program allows for a smoother, more gradual transition and can be structured to meet your specific financial and lifestyle needs.

Why Choose Legacy Practice Transitions?

Our team of experts focuses on more than just the sale; we look at the whole picture. From the initial consultation through planning and implementation, we guide you every step of the way. We ensure that every aspect of the transition process is handled with care to preserve your practice’s legacy and achieve a sale that respects your life’s work.

  • Consultative Approach: Our extensive experience in dental practice transitions allows us to provide a highly personalized and consultative approach. We understand your needs, goals, and the intricacies of your practice.
  • High Success Rate: Our strategic and thoughtful approach to matching sellers with buyers based on complementary needs ensures a high closing rate, with over 90% of introductions resulting in successful transitions.
  • Comprehensive Support: From evaluating your practice to negotiating terms and managing the transition, we handle all the details. Our team supports you in managing communications with staff and patients, handling legal and financial documentation, and ultimately making the transition as smooth as possible.

Achieving Your Goals

Legacy Practice Transitions isn’t just about achieving a sale. We’re about creating a transition that aligns with your values and future aspirations. Whether you’re looking to retire, relocate, or change your professional focus, we ensure that the sale of your dental practice supports your personal and financial objectives fully.


Selling your dental practice is a significant phase in your professional life that should be handled with expertise and care. At Legacy Practice Transitions, we pride ourselves on our ability to facilitate sales that honor the dentist’s legacy, satisfy all parties involved, and continue to provide excellent care for patients. Contact us today to begin discussing your transition plan and take the first step towards a new chapter in your life.

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